The 2-wheel Nation 2nd bicycle ride rolled once again last April 21

Apr 25, 2024

In the morning of Sunday, April 21, 2-wheel Nation 2nd bicycle ride rolled once again. This time, into seven cities with scenic historical route. It was a total of 46.5kms of party pace finishing it in 4 hours which was attended by 42 riders including Mr. Randy Bathan ’93, an alumnus of La Salle University Ozamiz and Dean Stephen Domingo, an avid cyclist, race organizer and host on different on and off-road bicycle and running events in the country.


Different rigs were used by the attendees, to name a few, e.bikes, a classic road bike which struck my eyes, modern road bikes, gravel bikes, tiny bikes, mountain bikes and a fixed gear.


The route was made and agreed upon by 11 Lasallians from different batches.


Mr. Rommell Garcia ’96 narrates his first experience on joining the bicycle ride with…

The wind in your face, the heightened senses as you traverse the road on two-wheels. This is a liberating feeling. But what adds to the exhilaration of travelling on a bike is riding in a group with a bunch of individuals who all share the same green blood pumping through their veins as yours.


My friends and I joined our first 2 Wheel Nation hosted by LSGHAA 2nd urban ride. As we pulled up to Gate 4, it felt familiar. When we entered, passed through the steel parking, the chapel, around the oval in the field, it felt like home. Right around 6:30am, the riders gathered around for the pre-ride briefing led by route leaders Lloyd Dizon ’87 & Jojo Penano ‘95, the route, re-group points, the pace, and safety reminders were discussed.

Dennis Warren ’97 shared some updates for the Lasallian bikers Strava group and Komoot.

After which, the prayer was led by Jon Mathay ’86


We were ready to roll. One of the sweepers, Harry ‘98 went ahead and posted himself by the oval roadway exit to take pictures and video of the group as we rolled off the campus.


We traversed Ortigas heading to Hemady Ave. enroute to E.Rodriguez Ave. The sway of the clear and open stretch of road beckoned. Given this very inviting scenery, asked for permission from the route leader if I was okay to go ahead. Was given the green light and it was on! There’s a rush that comes over you as you become one with your machine, hunkered down and accelerating. Reached the stoplight and made the turn to E.Rodriguez Ave., then proceeded to the first re-group point which was Caltex gas station. When all the riders were accounted for, we made our way through E.Rodriguez Ave. and busted a left turn to Q. Ave. Plying this road was bit chaotic but given that it was a Sunday, it wasn’t as bad as on a normal day. You had your usual jeeps, buses, and the likes picking up and letting passengers down by the side of the road.

We passed Quiapo church, heard the priest deliver his Homily. We went up Jones bridge then made our way to Intramuros. Regrouped for a bit by the gate then proceeded inside. We made our way around the famous walled city and stopped for some pics in front of Manila Cathedral.

Done with the photo ops, we rolled out and went up the Binondo-Intramuros bridge out and back.

The peloton soon pedaled to KM.0 across the Jose Rizal Monument.


At this point, our small group broke off and made our way to Kohi coffeeshop at Makati to meet up with some other friends. We said our goodbyes and rode out to PICC to make the u-turn going to Taft and Makati.


It was an amazing feeling to ride with our GH brothers. Regardless of batch, bike, and pace, for this ride, we were one. Looking forward to more rides with this bunch. Will forever bleed green.


Continuing from Km.0, the group traversed Roxas Blvd. some went to MOA (as originally planned) but since the heat was coming out some went straight to Ayala Triangle for the Car free day followed by meals and coffee which also was nearing their homes. At around 9:30am, the group decided to pedal back to Greenhills area and finally parted ways at the avenues of Mandaluyong and Pasig.


We thank everyone who has made this ride possible, LSGH President, ASD Office Head, Security Team, BGO Team, Reservations Officer, Health and Services Office, LSGHAA and to all the participants of our bike ride.


We look forward on seeing everyone again soon and looking forward to more joiners on the next group rides.






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