Privacy Policy



La Salle Green Hills Alumni Association (“LSGHAA”, “We”, or “Our”) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of the personal data of our members, potential members, La Salle Green Hills Alums, and website visitors.  We respect and value the individual data privacy rights and We process personal data in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (“IRR”).


We use the definitions provided by the DPA and the IRR for the terms “personal information”, “sensitive personal information”, and “processing”.  We refer to “personal information” and “sensitive personal information” collectively as “personal data”.


This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains how We collect and process your data, your rights as a Data Subject under the DPA and the IRR, and how you can exercise these rights in relation to Our processing.





 Personal Data We Collect


The LSGHAA serves as a way for all LSGH Alums to connect with LSGH and with each other.  Necessarily, your personal data is essential to our operation and services and we may collect information such as your:


  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Marital Status;
  • Gender;
  • Contact details (such as your email, cellular phone, land line, fax, social media handles, and the like);
  • Address;
  • Educational Attainment;
  • Political Affiliations;
  • Employer, Job Title, and Position;
  • Health History/ Records; and
  • Information issued by the Philippine Government which is peculiar to an individual (such as in some cases, your tax identification number for issuance of official receipts).


There may also be instances where We would have to process personal data that is not enumerated above.  If such data is collected, We would specifically inform you what information We need and why We need it.  Rest assured that personal data immaterial to your concern will not be collected.



Why and How We Collect Your Personal Data


We collect your personal data for various purposes, such as the following:


  1. When you sign up


When you sign up and/or enroll for membership, We use your personal data to pursue Our legitimate interests, such as to establish, maintain, and improve records of the alums, compile alum records for research, statistical, and marketing purposes; communicate and promote LSGHAA events and programs; and solicit and seek support for LSGHAA and LSGH projects.


  1. When you visit Us


When you visit Our offices, We would need to collect your name, company affiliation, and contact details.  Video footage is also being collected by a CCTV system installed in our offices.  We do this to ensure the security and safety of our personnel and premises.


  1. Information we get for Metadata and Cookies


We may also make­­­­ use of cookies to remember your preferences and help us conduct website analytics such as the number of visitors and what areas of the site visitors frequent the most.  The cookies will only be used if and when you consent to such.


We may also receive Metadata that may contain personal data from the use of Our websites, or though files that you send to us.  For example, the author name in a word file is considered as metadata, and this may appear when you send us documents.





Consent – When we provide you Our services, We will ask for your consent to use your personal data.  In the process of obtaining your consent, We will explain to you what data We need any why We need it to ensure that the consent you give is a freely given indication of will.


Contract – When you engage Our services and join Our membership, we will be processing your personal information based on our agreement.


Legitimate Interest – There may be instances when We may have to process your personal data in ways that are not part of consent nor in furtherance of a contract, for example, migrating our database to a different cloud service provider, or using the personal information of a person that is not a member in order to respond to our member’s needs.  When We process personal information anchored on legitimate interest, We assure that such processing is necessary for such purpose, and that We do not unwarrantedly interfere with your rights and freedoms.


Law or Regulation – There are instances when We will be required by law and regulations to disclose your personal data.  For instance, personal data will be needed for submissions of general information sheets to the Securities and Exchange Commission, applications for registration before various government entities, renewal of permits and licenses, and the like.





In some instances, your personal data may be sent to persons, organizations, or entities that We have contracted/partnered with.


Trusted Service Providers and Contractors – We may disclose the personal data that you provide Us to our trusted third-party service providers, contractors, vendors, agents, who We have contracted or may further contract to perform functions, services, and activities for Us, or directly to you on Our behalf (“Trusted 3rd Parties”).


We will only provide these Trusted 3rd Parties with the information that is necessary and in relation to the services, functions, and/or activities which they provide us.  Furthermore, We also have a contract with these Trusted 3rd Parties that prohibits them from using your personal data in any manner different from our specific instructions, and with the obligation to abide by the terms of this privacy notice.