2-Wheel Nation

Jan 12, 2024

The La Salle Green Hills Alumni Association recently held 2-Wheel Nation last December 16, 2023 (first day of Simbang Gabi), an official gathering of two wheeled rigs.

It all started from a car show with family and friends plus coffee and food to be held at the upper field of the campus. Doc Mel Garcia ‘89 (Ph.D) thought of gathering all motorcycle enthusiasts from La Salle Green Hills inside the campus.

I suggested him, why not include bicycles?

So, the brainstorming started there together with Hans Peter Smit ’74.

The LSGHAA board under the leadership of Mr. Andoy Reyes as President, the head of the special Projects committee Mr. Don Figueroa and co chair Mr. Paul Jacinto affirmed the idea which also received a thumbs up from Br. Dodo (LSGH President).

Sponsors like TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLE Ph. TAMANG ALAGA by Mr. ARJAY VINAS, UNILAB and PNB immediately came in as the word was out.

Riders from various batches were excited once the news was blasted. It was only two weeks before the event when the Alumni Association started sharing the information on the activity.

In the morning of the 16 th , it was raining, the first Motorcycle rider came in (Mr. Mark De Joya ’89) at 4:30am to hear mass followed by nine various Triumph motorcycles and a vespa 300cc for their free demonstration for interested riders. Of course, our dedicated emcee mountain biker Mr. JohnHendrix or John Hernandez ’90 was early to check out the different cultures of riders.
The event was attended by 64 enthusiasts, LSGH Alumni, even from the Adult Night High School, who brought various 2 wheeled vehicles: touring bikes, cruiser bikes, naked bikes, track bikes, trail bikes, scooters, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, a fixed gear, gravel and cyclocross bikes.

All of these men were from different walks of life, age and profession but was united not only by our alma mater but also the common interest…bikes. One of them was even my former student who rides with his father from batch 83.

The program started with a welcome remarks by Harry Penano, current AA board member followed by an inspirational message from the Brother President, Br. Dodo. The founder of the LSGH Riders (Motorcycle) Coach Hans Smit gave his foreword and shared the history on how the group was formed during the pandemic.

Over flowing breakfast and coffee sponsored by LSGHAA and Triumph Motorcycle Philippines was served at the Chapel to keep everyone full, fellow riders were excited to see and hear from each other which sparkled the oval roadway a lot of laughter and exchange of stories.

Riders started to try out the Motorbikes from triumph and Vespa around the oval roadway of the upperfield, checking the good quality of their bikes.

The gathering ended at around 9am.

This event sparked with ideas of the bayanihan spirit, where Lasallian riders can use their skills and resources, not only on the track or as a hobby or for relaxation, but also in helping out communities, especially those hit by calamities where only two wheels can reach those in need.

Moreover, we can derive inspiration to become better and healthier citizens, contributing to society by helping lessen traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.

With this successful soft start, this event is seen as an annual activity, with quarterly or monthly get-together rides to make the brotherhood stronger, striving for a greener Lasallian family through faith, Service and Communion.

















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